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How to Verify Your Website with Google Search Console

What Is Google Search Console? Google Search Console is one of the many webmaster tools Google offers. Specifically, this tool provides webmasters with tools and data to monitor and manage their websites. Utilizing this tool can help in verifying and optimizing your website for search engines. For a quick intro to Google Search Console, check

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How to Track Website Traffic

How often have you heard, “You need to increase your website traffic!” Well, even if you manage to get people to land on your website, what do you do after it? How do you track this website traffic? There are likely countless ways to do this, but in this article, we’re going to focus on

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Which Website Platform Should You Use

When it comes to building a website your first decision is whether to hire a professional web developer or do it yourself. If you’re a small business owner very often I would recommend simply building it yourself. Web developers (such as myself) can cost thousands of dollars and are not a necessity when first starting

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