Dillon Mysliwiec, Marketing Consultant

Digital & Social Media Marketing Expert -and- Web Designer & Developer

Dillon Mysliwiec

Owner & Operator


  • Copy Writing
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design & Development
  • Facebook Ads
  • Coaching


Dillon has a Mechanical Engineering B.S. Degree and worked as an engineer for 4 years. Pivoted to content creation including logos, branding, web design, ebooks, etc. After moving further in this realm his focus shifted to marketing. Now he works as a digital marketer and marketing consultant for small and medium-sized businesses.



Branding & Logos


John A. – Final Germ Solutions Int’l

final germ solutions international - john apodaca

John A.

“We reached out to Dillon to help with a new business.  We needed to create a brand, design a website, and develop a social media presence.  Dillon took the time to work with our team, explained things to us each step of the way, and was very receptive to feedback from our team members  He was able to get our brand, website, and social media presence launched.”

Stephen B. – Albany Fusion Martial Arts

final germ solutions international - john apodaca

Stephen B.

“Martial Artists are good at many things, but marketing and branding are not usually our strong areas. Honestly, I did not really know what to do first, how to make it happen, and I didn’t have the time to research it on my own to figure it out. I was overwhelmed and stressed and frustrated. It was especially helpful to have a guide with these matters who knew the industry well and the process needed, was passionate about my success as a business owner, and genuinely cared. It was a tremendous relief and a fairly seamless process. It was nice to have a brand, and a unified message in the public that put our business on display accurately, cleanly, and targeted the right people.”

Deborah W. – Simply Smooth Skin

final germ solutions international - john apodaca

Deborah W.

“Prior to your help I couldn’t figure out how to set up my website and wanted one for my business which has helped immensely. It helps my sanity having you take care of my website which has changed my business.”