How to Upload an eBook to Apple, Google, Kindle, etc.

Creating an eBook may have been daunting, but once it’s created, now what? Well, you can either offer it as a PDF in the form of a lead magnet on your website, or you can put it in the libraries of the internet, such as Apple’s Book Store, Google Play Books, or more!

This article is meant to be a shortcut to finding where and how you should upload your eBooks to the internet so that it can be accessible to your audience.

Where Should You Publish Your Books?

When it comes to publishing your eBooks, the first decision is where. The important thing to consider is where is your audience? Well, if you know your audience extremely well, you may already know this answer. Maybe all your clients have iPhones and iPads so naturally, Apple Books is the right path.

However, most people starting off don’t know this answer off-hand. So instead we should focus on uploading to a few of the major platforms. Here is a list of some of the top FREE self-publishing eBook platforms.

1. Apple Books (iBooks)

Uploading to Apple Books may seem complicated, however, they’ve actually made it quite simple. Essentially all you need is access to the Pages application. This can be done using Windows, macOS, iOS, or iPadOS. For the rest of the steps, check out the link below.

Publish your book with Pages

ibooks app icon - Apple Books

2. Google Play Books

Google has an additional step when it comes to publishing books. First, you must sign up for Google Play Book Partner Center. After this, you’re able to enter an ISBN number and a few other pieces of information. For the whole process, click the link below.

Publish your book with Google’s Partner Center

3. Amazon Kindle Books

When considering Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, realize that Amazon has the largest collection of books on the internet. Because of this, you’ll want to be certain your information is together. You’ll want to have the following details ready before getting started:

  • Book Title & Edition(s)
  • Authors & Contributors
  • Keywords
  • Categories

Then visit the link below to follow the remaining steps.

Publish your book with Kindle Direct Publishing

What Else Are You Looking For?

I want to keep this article alive. So if there is another platform you’re looking to get on, let me know! I’ll share the information here and update the post! I hope this helps you get your knowledge out there to your audience and helps you grow.

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