How to Get Your Newsletter Started

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Why Should I Consider Email Marketing?

When it comes to digital marketing, email marketing is one of the best channels for converting customers. Starting a newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with your audience and remind them of the products and services that you offer.

According to Russel Brunson of ClickFunnels, “On average you should make one dollar per month, per name on your email list.” So if the goal is to increase your revenue by $100,000/year then you’ll need to add roughly 10,000 emails to your list. Obviously, if you’re starting from zero this can seem daunting. So let’s keep it simple.

Let’s Make A Plan

Make a plan before starting a newsletter

Who Is Your Audience?

Before starting your newsletter, let’s figure out what the game plan is. The first thing I would consider is defining your target market. Once this is done, you can better define the contents of your newsletter to best serve your audience.

What Do They Want?

Now that you know who you are servicing, ask yourself, “Self… what would someone in this target market be interested in?” Next ask yourself, “What does my business offer that coincides with this audiences’ interests?” This can lead to a few different routes, but be sure they can be placed in one or both of these categories: entertaining or educational.

Creating content for your audience that educates them on what your business does is great, but sometimes this is not enough (or too much). Instead, look for the gaps in knowledge a customer might be lacking between where they are and what you offer. Become the “go-to” expert in your industry regardless if you directly offer a service on the topics you discuss. Instead, create a base of informed individuals who can logically decide whether your services will benefit them or not.

Pro-tip: Sign up for competitor newsletters and learn what they are delivering to their customers.

When Do They Want It?

After you’ve defined your audience and what you’ll be providing them, next is timing. How often should you send out your newsletter? This should be based on two things. First, your capacity to create content with regular frequency. Second, how much is too little?

Company Capacity

When it comes to your capacity, the goal isn’t to say, “Well, as a busy business owner I don’t have the time. So my capacity is zero.” If that were true, why would you take the time to read this article? Get back to work! Joking aside, the idea is to set time aside that won’t hurt your bottom line (or at least not too much) to ensure continual growth.

marketing team

Eventually, you may be able to pay for expensive software to help with your newsletter or even hire a team to handle it entirely. Until then, we can focus on what we do have the time for. Consistency is like adding bricks to the foundation that is our brand. So whether or not it’s once a week or once a quarter, be consistent. Depending upon your capacity, this could mean daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly.

For most small business owners, entrepreneurs, or startup founders daily is likely unreasonable. Instead, I’d recommend starting off with once per month and increasing frequency over time.

Newsletter Frequency

After you’ve posted once a month for at least 3 months, then I’d recommend attempting to increase your frequency (if possible). While doing this, I’d recommend putting some feelers out there and seeing if your audience would prefer more or fewer emails.

Eventually, you may have a large enough audience that you can send out weekly, monthly, and quarterly emails. Then, you can ask your audience which they prefer and simply deliver the emails to them how they want them. This can help maintain consistency while customizing your content to your market.

How Can You Deliver?

When it comes to creating a newsletter, it can be as simple as a standard all-text email and as complicated as a website landing page. Additionally, there is the distribution of the newsletter you have to consider. Both of these can be resolved via email marketing services.

There are a few platforms to consider depending on what your goals are, the complexity of your newsletter, and the size of your audience. If you’re just getting started, here are a few email marketing services I’d recommend:

  • MailChimp — Best Freemium Plan
  • SendFox — Quickest Setup for Basic Newsletters
  • YAMM — Utilize the tools you already know, but better
  • Constant Contact — Most Beginner-Friendly Email Builder
Email Marketing Services

The links above lead to the “Getting Started” pages of each of these email marketing services. I highly recommend reviewing them, learning how they work, and then making a decision on which platform is best for you to start building your newsletter.

Starting Your Newsletter

Once you’ve defined your audience and decided on the content, frequency, and delivery methods, what’s next? Send your first newsletter of course! If you’d like to learn more about getting your business online, here is a FREE Resources I’ve been working on to help small business owners and entrepreneurs expand their reach and build brand awareness. 🤩 Click the link to download now and let me know what you think.

If this article has helped you with starting your first newsletter, feel free to leave me a review. Also, if you have any questions about Email Marketing, Newsletters, or Growing Your Email List, shoot me an email. I’d love to help! ❤

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