What Should I Be Doing Right Now?

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Have you ever wondered to your self, “Self… What should I be doing right now?” Well here’s a little story of my discovery. Hopefully it can help you see clearer what it is you need to be doing right now.

Last night I was working on my other company SeerNova Comics LLC. Myself along with my co-founders are working on promoting our Indiegogo Campaign and are making very little process. Most Tuesdays and Thursdays (and many weekends) myself and other local co-founder get together to focus on work. We meet at my place as all of my programs are on my PC. I’ve also recently been reviewing my ONE Thing. So, while getting some work done I saw a crossroads appear.

My Stance

My role as Chief Technical Officer means that I am responsible for the following:

  • Getting the website up and running,
  • Setting up the digital comic book library, and
  • Determining how to handle customer subscription accounts

However, being owner of a Digital Marketing Agency I’m also the only one among our trio who understands marketing.

Due to a deadline pushed by our Chief Visionary Officer (I think I took this idea from Simon Sinek), we launched our campaign a bit prematurely. With the website still under-construction, the email list not yet large enough, and a minimal social media presence, we’ve got to work a lot harder to reach our goal.

The ONE Thing

So last night while working on the website I decided what my one thing was. I needed to hand off some knowledge on marketing to my other co-founders to help push forward on two  simultaneous fronts. I introduced our CVO to the concept of “Goal Setting to the Now,” from Gary Keller’s book The One Thing. In doing so I helped guide him to what he needed to work on RIGHT NOW!

Working with a Vision

Guerrilla Marketing Book Cover

Now, having guided him to seeing the end game, it was easier to teach him what he needed to know to start marketing. But first, I had to teach him a bit about guerrilla marketing (there’s a great book on this by the way called Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Levinson). After giving a brief overview of the concept and some ideas, I brought his focus on what would be necessary to get to his new goals.


I definitely heard a bit of Gary Vaynerchuk in my talk as I started right off saying, “I can tell you what to do to get there, but you likely won’t do it. It will be difficult and uncomfortable; but, if you actually do what I am going to tell you, this will work.” With this new path for him to go down I felt I had accomplished a lot, then realizing “Oh yea, the website…” so back to work.

Keep the End in Mind

Working while keeping the long game in mind is a key to winning. Many of you have either read or heard of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. In this book one of the 7 habits is to “Keep the End in Mind.” Although this is seen under the section of private victories, I feel as though an organization can be seen as an “individual” and the market place as “the group.” With that mindset I was able to realize that my current path was not going to get us where we needed to be, but I still needed to complete my tasks. However, in order to properly delegate, I felt the need to bring this private victory into the company’s mind.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

So if struggling to determine what it is you need to be doing, look further ahead than right now. See what goal it is you’d like to accomplish 10 or even 20 years from now. With that goal in mind, work your way backwards through reasonable goals in five years’ time. Then to one year’s time, this month, this week, finally today, and ultimately right now. If you do this, I can’t promise you’ll get everything you ever want. However, I can promise that you will get much closer than doing it any other way.

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