The Moment It All Changed

Myssle79 Journey to Becoming an Entrepreneur

So I heard a great quote, and although I’m not religious, it seemed to resonate with me.

“Coincidence is God’s way of staying anonymous.”
~ Albert Einstein

It’s funny… I’m very math, science, and logic oriented, yet one thing that I still marvel at is coincidence. It turns out so did Albert Einstein.

Due to a series of events that happened in a specific order, I landed on the path that I am now. We can start with being born, like Gary Vaynerchuk preaches (which is indeed a miracle in itself), but instead we’ll start in late October of 2012. This particular series likely should not have happened, but as the ancient philosopher’s say, “Fortune favors the audacious.

In October of 2012, I woke up to a rude awakening. Ever since I was in the fifth grade, I planned on graduating from RPI, and now, after three years in undergrad, I was about to fail out of school. To add to that excitement, my fraternity was about to debrother me due to a national requirement of holding a GPA above 2.6, even though I was one of the primary reasons we met the national recruitemnt policy for the first time in almost a decade.

Against my own morals, I went to seek help. Not just any help, but that of a psychologist. Realizing that three of my best friends at the time were each diagnosed as ADHD, that I acted just like they did when off there meds, and that they all did exceptionally well in college, I figured there might be something there. After about a five minute conversation, with the psychologist, he cut me off—as I was still ranting—to ask if I had ever been tested before.

Both that psychologist and the following psychiatrist were so shocked that no one had ever found this diagnosis before. Hitting well of the charts of focus, they immediately prescribed me Concerta and began testing the effects. Minimal at first, they began boosting them until finally I was righteously drugged out and focused. Immediately I started noticing a drastic improvement in my grades, however, due to the damage done, I needed to do way more than even this magic pill could handle.

Running on all eight cylinders as well as the two the pills were giving me, I was still struggling to get through everything fast enough to begin acing my final projects and exams for the semester. Not only did I have to boost my GPA enough to not get kicked from school I needed it higher than any previous semester in order to stay in my fraternity. And that’s really where the journey begins.

Eric Thomas, a.k.a, E.T., a.k.a. the Hip-Hop Preacher stumbled into my search results. “Motivation” was all I looked for and I found inspiration, drive, and something else…

It was the final week of the semester and I determined that in order to pass one of my classes that semester I would need to ace the final—98% or higher. I was so far behind in that class I needed a miracle. The video that came up became that miracle.

For the next 160+ hours, this video played on repeat to keep me going. No, that’s not a misprint… One-hundred And sixty hours straight, I stayed awake, studying, and testing the limits of my will power.

“When you want to succeed, as bad as you want to breath, then you will be successful.”
~ Eric Thomas

This became my mentra until the day I graduated. Yes, I did make it through. However, something had been permenantly changed within me (and I’m not talking about whatever damage I’m sure that medication caused). I had a different view of myself and the world around me. I expected more from both.

This here was the first moment of coincidence that lead me down this path…

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