So until the other day, I had never heard this concept before—this concept of “second gains.” I was in martial arts class and a fellow student was stating how he wished he could be much further in his abilities than he was now. A wise Sifu then stated, “now that’s the beauty of second gains.”

What Are Second Gains?

So the fellow student asked, “What do you mean?” The Sifu confused asked, “You don’t know what second gains are?”Now I knew nothing of this concept, but instead of inquiring I just listened as it played out. The Sifu insists that he knows what they are regardless if he has ever heard the concept. He begins to describe them as such: the unintended additional training, knowledge, or enlightenment received from hard time or through practicing a difficult skill, such as martial arts.Immediately the student understood and described a story where he thanked an old instructor for such gains he had received when he was younger. It had left a powerful impact on his life. Enough to send a hand-written letter to his previous instructor thanking him years later.

What Were His Second Gains?

Patience. That’s it! Simply understanding that just because you wanted something now, does not mean you will receive it. However, through disciple and time you can acquire almost anything you desire.I’ve seen this first hand in my own life as well. Routine has been said by some to be restricting of life. However, those who’ve mastered it and seen it’s true power have said just the opposite. Routine does not restrict us. It sets us free. By ensuring certain “Quadrant 2” tasks get completed at set times every time, it frees the rest of your life to do with it as you please.Having martial arts in my weekly routine has helped keep my health in check while keeping my mind cleared and focused. Without it, I likely would have clouded up my mind and slowly slipped from this amazing path I’m on now. Because of this I am very grateful for what my instructors have given to me. This gift of second gains.

What Are Your Second Gains?

So, I’m sure there is something in your life that is difficult that you may under appreciate. Something, that although it was hard, has given you much more than you had expected. Find what that something is and be grateful for it. Whether it’s something you love or something you hate.Learn to practice gratitude for the things in your life that have inadvertently shaped your mind. Seek out more areas in your life where you could harness these additional gains and learn to manifest them into a powerful tool in your arsenal.I hope you found this article useful, if so share it on social media with the links below. Also, feel free to comment what second gains you’ve acquired over the years and from what source did they come from!

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