I’ve Got a Fever, and the Only Prescription Is More KaChing!

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Starting about two years ago, I started writing down my goals. To be honest, I only really started taking it seriously after getting serious about reading. Once I started digging deep I decided to write down some BHAGs (or Big Hairy Audacious Goals). Some of these were about my health, others about milestones of knowledge or skills, and some—of course—were about money.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

So, one of the first financial goals I wrote was an 18 month goal and I decided I would have 6-figures in my bank account by July of 2017. Now, I still had student debt, a low paying engineering job, and my side business wasn’t making much money.

With no plan I continued on my path of reading and learning thinking by simply absorbing enough information I would magically come up with an idea to make this money. Turns out that doesn’t really work. Although reading and taking online courses are hard, they’re not considered work you get paid for. So where to begin?

You Get a Car – And You Get a Car

After the old Corolla my dad gave me died, I had to buy myself a car. So on my way to make 6-figures I no longer had one obstacle, but two: Student debt (being slowly chiseled away) and now a car loan.

Again, I thought, as long as I stick to the path, something will happen. Well, my debt was indeed lowering, but as I calculated the rate at which I’d achieve a 6-Figure balance I began realizing this goal was much bigger than I had imagined.

And Today, We Celebrate, Our Dependence Day

As the fireworks were going off this July, I realized I had failed at achieving one of my goals. So far, all other goals written in my black book I had achieved. I had lost weight, completed challenges, and more, but my first financial goal… failure.

Well, luckily that’s not quite how it went down. I was a little upset I had not reached my goal, but something happened a few months before the deadline. I felt a fire in me. At first it felt like I was panicking. But, slowly, as I began to take action, that anxiety turned into excitement.

The Side Hustle

Realizing my goal was unobtainable at my current cash flow rate, I wrote down a new goal. I would first begin by eliminating my debt—again as an 18 month goal. In order to start building capital I needed to first remove debt. To remove debt, I needed to earn more money.

I remember hearing Gary Vaynerchuk talk about a #2017FlipChallenge and decided to take part. Still working on my business I realized that that dream was going to take too long to be a source of revenue right now so I needed something more.

Immediately after watching Gary’s video on flipping shit on eBay I went into my closet and threw a bunch of clothes on a bench that I didn’t want and started taking pictures and posting them on eBay. I started talking with my cousin as well about doing it and joining in. He could start by taking the items from his LootCrate boxes he didn’t want and selling them.

That work turned out to be a bit much for him, but I was now on a mission. I offered to do all the work for him and split the profits 50-50 and he agreed. I began posting his items up with mine and now I had a decent number of posting. I even began printing the specialty items on sites like Reddit.

Do You Hear What I Hear? KaChing!

Not too long after posting some of the more unique items to subreddits, I had a surge of views on eBay. This was pretty exciting, but still no sales. Then it happened.

KaChing! I made my first sale!

I had officially made my first dollar online having never met the person who made the transaction. It was so exciting that I almost forgot that now I have to learn to ship an item, as that was a first too. This began my journey to discover how else I could make more money.

A few days later I had told a few coworkers that I figured out how to sell online and that I wasn’t even selling my own products, they were my cousins. Voilá! I now had a cowoker asking me to do the same for them. So I grabbed his item and posted it online.

I then told another cowrker about my new adventures and again, I began helping them post their unwanted items online. Both of these I simply collected a small percentage (10-15%). This got me excited and so I then went to a garage sale with the money I had earned and spent it all picking up new items.

By the end of the following week, I made my money back and still had more items to sell. I think I finally figured this thing out!

How to Bring the KaChing

So the reason for writing this article was to show you how easy a bit of drive can be when you want to accomplish something. I’m still working on paying off my debt, but it’s definitely moving faster.

If you’re looking to make money online as well, then I suggest a few things. First, determine why excactly you want or need this extra income. This WHY will help compel you forward and keep you driven. Next, you want to start simple with posting items on Craigslist or eBay.

Many think that it’s extremely difficult to get set up, but I promise you it’s not. If you need any specifics feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

When you start to get the ball rolling, then I’d recommend you pick a Chris Guillebeau’s new book Side Hustle It’s all about making money on the side while keeping your day job. As this pulls you forward I’d then recommend you pick up Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuck to give you some motivation on what else can be done online. And finally, I’d grab a copy of Joel Comm’s KaChing! to begin building your online business.

I hope this helps you on your journey as I know it will help me. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. If you found this article informative or entertaining, please share on social media. Thank you =)

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