How Blogging Is a Lot Like Fitness – Putting in the Sets and Reps

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When it comes to building brand recognition, nothing does it quite like long form media content. Whether it’s videos, podcasts, or a blog, long form content weeds out the passerby from the brand enthusiast. By having long form content available to your audience and the public, you are creating opportunity. Opportunity for prospects to leads, leads to become clients, and clients to become evangelist. Because it is here where your audience can truly learn more about you and your business.

Sets and Reps

Recently I was asked by a client whether or not writing a weekly blog article was time well spent. My immediate response was “Yes!”. The ironic thing is that it had been quite some time since I had last written my own blog. Because of this I needed to determine how to best describe the reasoning behind my answer. Then it hit me!

I have been pretty good with my workout regiment for the past few years. However, recently I have fallen off the bandwagon. During and after a long bit of traveling, I had stopped working out and the results are in. During my trip and the short time after it I had put on 10-lbs (and I can assure you it was not muscle). Although I had been walking around the streets of Nashville and the hills of San Francisco, this was nearly enough. With a workout regiment of 5 mornings at the gym and 3 night in martial arts and 2 nights at dance (yes, I have been taking dance recently), merely walking wasn’t going to cut it while traveling.

Putting on weight can happen very quickly when we aren’t putting in our reps and sets. However, losing that weight and gaining back muscle certainly doesn’t happen nearly as fast. However, with dedication and consistency, those 30 minutes, or hour, at the gym will eventually show the results.

Brick by Brick

This is how fitness is just like content marketing. It may take quite some time to see the results (as it doesn’t happen over night). With hard work, dedication, and consistency, however, the time spent behind the keyboard, camera, or microphone, can really make an impact. Upon realizing this, I shared it with my client and decided to write a blog article of myself.

Recently I made it my goal to follow through the workout regiment from the book LL Cool J’s Platinum Workout. After discussing the importance of blogging with my own client, I’m realizing now that I must make one other commitment. So my goal is to build out this blog sharing marketing tips, tricks, and advice I have learned over the years as well as new ones I am picking up. I’m hoping to improve my copy writing skills as well as build a database of valuable content for all you small business owners out there.

Another useful reason for building out this long form content is for the smaller content that can then be generated from this one piece of content. Gary Vaynerchuk has a great model for breaking down long form content into smaller form content here. I may write an article just on this subject to maybe build out a little more on Gary’s model. 🤔

Brick by brick is how a wall is built, just like sets and reps builds a body, and books build the mind. I hope to provide you all with as much value as possible and look forward to hearing from you all with any questions, comments, or topic requests and suggestions. Have a great Monday!

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