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Time for a fresh start. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, finally I said screw it, let’s do it. So here we are. This is my blog!

So let me introduce myself. My name is Dillon Mysliwiec. I currently work a 9-5 as a controls engineer. After attending university at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) I began working in the field of mechanical engineering. I worked hard, showed up to work every day in dress shoes, khakis, dress shirt and a tie (only business casual was required). I wanted to make a difference, learn as much as I can, impress the bosses and help make changes within the company to better it and move up the ladder.

After continual efforts to go from contractor to employee I realized my efforts were futile. They would move me when they saw fit, not when I thought I was ready. Four months after my six month contract was supposed to be up, they finally offered me a full-time position as a design engineer. At first I started off excited and rejuvenated, but again while playing through the bureaucratic limbo I realized there’s still a limit to how I can maneuver this company. Eventually while moving around the office as they were rearranging the cubicles, fortune saw favor on me and a snowball began to form.

I started off sitting next to this guy I’ve never met who was always doing things not quite work related. He was just over my cubicle wall and every once in awhile I would talk with him. Eventually our mutual disdain for the company had us talking a bit more and he began telling me about this side project he was working on, but that he couldn’t tell me everything. Slowly he began opening up to the point where he was sharing his entire business idea with me. After hearing it, I asked, “Why don’t you just do it?” Looking back, I realized that this question was intended for myself. I talked him through getting his licensing and while doing so he started asking me more questions.

“What do you want to do?” Well, I’m not really sure. I once had this business I ran with a friend, but it kind of died off. “Well, why don’t you just do it?” Now I’m not sure if he asked that, or if that’s simply what I wanted to hear, but either way, I did it. Within two weeks I went and filled out a new DBA, under the name Artistic Development and Design. I started setting up programs on my computer and playing around again and trying to knock the rust off the old chains. I wasn’t really sure where to go from here, but I knew I needed to do something.

That’s when I found him, Tai Lopez. I’ll admit, he’s gotten to be a bit too sales pitchy, but he said a few things in just the right way that resonated with me. He referenced Jim Rohn’s great quote, “Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune.” I realized in order to better my position I had to first better myself; make myself ‘worth a damn.’ I began first with my health and beginning to work out again, which hadn’t been happening for a few year at that point. After discussing with my cubicle buddy for a while he mentioned how he used to read all the time and had this massive collection of books—hard copies, soft copies, and audiobooks.  Me, on the other hand, I never read a full book on my own, in my entire life.

Something about books was completely unappealing to me. I couldn’t get to the bottom of a page without my head slamming off the desk or table. Now, I’m sure being ADHD didn’t help with this (I’m sure I’ll have a future post on this) nor did being forced to read certain books as a kid. “I don’t care why this author wrote this crap!” I used to think, “I will never use any of this information.” Honestly, I still hold that statement true, the Catcher in the Rye didn’t help me anywhere else in life except to give me a good book to make fun of. However, Tai Lopez and his compassion about self-growth always revolved around books… so I guess I should take another look.

Now, a new friend, I asked my cubie if I could borrow those audiobooks and give it a shot. He said “sure,” but the only audiobooks he had were these two self-help books. Well, seeing as these two conveniently were on Tai’s Recommended Book List, I figured, that’s a great start. The two books were: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey and How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Each having sold in the millions of copies, they had to be good right? Wrong… They were life-changing!

In the most perfect alignment of coincidences I end up listening through the 7 Habits and he begins talking about Paradigm shifts. Upon hearing the right words, in the right way, at the right time, I had mine. My “Aha” moment. Something clicked and I realized all at once; I had no problems with books, simply the ones I was forced to read! I began flying through the audiobook and finished in about two weeks. I immediately popped in the next one and went to town. Again, two weeks and finished. These books began taking that snowball and rolling it downhill so fast I didn’t know what to do with myself. Before finishing the second I realized I’d need more books and that these two were not enough. So I went to the internet.

I looked through book after book asking, what should I get, and then I placed my order and awaited anxiously. In this bundle, I ordered four books: a short one, a long one and two others (which I’ll talk about in a later post). I figured If I was going to try reading again, take baby steps. And this worked. I began reading everyday at work, then at home, then everywhere else. I started a goals notebook (article on this later) where I could keep track of a few different goals. In there I tried to focus on ways to improve my life to reach The Good Life, as Tai so aptly puts it: Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness.

I began taking online courses, working out, taking martial arts, and still reading, faster and faster, more often and more variety. With this new found drive I began seeking and getting a few small clients here and there, including my new friend at work. I realized I have a passion for starting up businesses, more specifically helping them startup. I created my first fully functional, self-coded e-commerce site for my friend (www.DriftOutsideTheBoxDesigns.com) after hours of online tutorials. Doing so built my confidence up and now I’m simply on a roll.

I’m looking to continue to grow my current business by helping others grow theirs. I’ve created a list of over 100 other business ideas I have that I plan to fund one day with this income. I want to break away from the bureaucratic bonds of big corporation and set myself free by becoming increasingly more valuable to others as well as bring others up with me. I plan to share some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way, the experiences I’ve had and—as I continue growing—share the new experiences yet to come.

I hope this blog will be encouraging to those struggling, funny to those who have struggled already, uplifting to those who are down, and enlightening to those who need it. I’ll be writing an article on every book I’ve read and will read, share my travel experiences, my business experiences (the ups and downs), as well as some random bits of useful insight and more. If there’s anything you’re curious about or have any questions, feel free to comment. For as long as I can I will try to respond to everyone. Thank you for sticking with this long read, and I hope future reads will be less devastating on time. =)

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