Entrepreneurship in my DNA

Myssle79 Journey to Becoming an Entrepreneur

The day I realized I was born to be an entrepreneur was sometime in the third grade, if I remember correctly. I remember there were these new pens that came out called gel pens. They had so many colors and had this weird shimmer to it (probably a carcinogen, but who cares haha). Someone pointed out to me that these can be drawn on your skin and the gel would dry leaving a hardened “tattoo” of sorts. Immediately a friend of mine, Scotty B., and I decided to try and use this to make some money. I remember creating a catalog of varying “tattoos” we would draw on friends in and charge anywhere from $0.05 to $0.75. There was this particularly cool one I remember I drew that was a Dragon wrapped around a dart. I don’t think anyone ever bought that one, but we did make a few nickles drawing some smiley faces haha.

From that moment when we came up with the idea I realized how awesome it was to run your own shit, be your own boss. Every job I held along the way has been one annoyance after another. Never being allowed to do what I was good at, selling. I remember holding a position at a retail store one summer and getting yelled at for selling to customers that others had failed to. “You can’t go around stealing coworkers clients!” I’m sorry, but your employee sucks at his job and I’m picking up the slack. The following summer I was looking for another job with my brother and ended up making up my own—Web designer. I had been dabbling with web design and graphic design for a while now and walked in on a conversation between the webmaster and his client. I heard a few things that the webmaster couldn’t handle and decided to throw my two cents in. A week later I was handling 90% of the web design work, remodeling the company logo and creating banners and videos for this guy.

Somehow I got tricked into thinking as an Engineer you have freedom and could potentially gain some experience from a “real job” and with that, branch off onto your own company. It turns out many of those companies are bureaucratic slave houses and so I decided on another route. Currently planning my escape plan while paying off my ridiculous student debt. Working a 9-5 then my 5-9, 10, 11, 12, 1, 2… really whenever the hell I fall asleep. Learning more skills, selling random collectibles, even selling old clothes. Slowly I’ve been amassing abilities and knowledge to break free from the final chains that hold me down and then I’m gonna fly. Currently my student debt is all that ties me to a day job for I know that if I can’t pay, my parents will have to and I can’t burden them. So through work, side business, and side hustles I plan to eliminate the debt and then start running as fast at my dreams as possible.

I won’t mind having to sleep in the back of my car if I have to, but everyday I work to make someone else rich is just chipping away at my patience. So I’m starting to build more momentum so when the chain gets taught, this time it will break…

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