Begin with the End in Mind, But Start at the Beginning

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So tonight’s post will be short, but I just wanted to share a valuable lesson I learned tonight.

Tonight I started working on the website of of my second business (SeerNova Comics LLC). I’ve had a landing page collecting emails, but I know I need to get the website up and running for launch on October 6th. I finalized the design about a week ago and so now it was time to convert into a dynamic WordPress theme.

After updating the header and footer files I added the content of the home page to the first template… Error 500. “Okay, so that’s weird” I thought to myself. So I then proceeded to spend the next 4 hours troubleshooting the work I had just done.

Finally after deleting all the plugins, scanning for bugs, validating through PHP and HTML checkers I gave up trying to fix it. I deleted all the work I had done and just started over. With a fresh swipe I reloaded the page and finally saw “Hello World.” The error was gone.

I slowly added piece by piece, checking along the way for any crashes and after completing all the work I had done early, there was no crash.

So the lesson is, when something seems broken beyond repair, instead of trying to repair it as it is, often it’s better to break it down and start from scratch. Just like when you’ve stopped working out for a while and you try to run a certain distance, lift a certain weight, or perform a certain skill and you can’t; sometimes it’s better to start from scratch.

Starting over isn’t a waste of time as now you know better the next time of what needs to be done. However, giving up is a waste of time, because then all that was previously accomplished has been for nothing.

Let me know of any experiences you’ve had where you’ve struggled to get back in the game in the comments below, and if you liked what you’ve read and think it can help others, please share on Social Media!

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